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Phone with ZERO PORTS, is it possible ?

Harley Kumar
Written by Harley Kumar

Mobile Phones are part of everyone’s life. Many new phones are hitting market with less duration. Recently Many companies has introduced new featured mobile phones. Some common features like fingerprint sensors, heavy storage, multi-core processors, etc. And, some Companies have other features like water resistant phones, wireless charging. But why not zero port phone ? Is it possible ?

If we compare the features  of present smart phones, we can say YES. Let’s discuss about a normal smartphone with ports, it has a 3.5mm audio jack port and micro USB port. Those are common features and some have an hdmi port.


Latest technology inventions are making those ports useless. You need micro USB port for charging, but here wireless charging can replace the USB for charging. 3.5mm Audio jack port is for listening audio, but Bluetooth can replace that 3.5mm audio jack port. So, no port is required for a smart phone. Water resistant Phones can increase their resistance capacity with zero ports. Phones launched with water resistant feature till now are restricted with those USB and Audio Jack ports, with no port smart phone water resistant feature can go to high level  So, there’s possibility for zero port Smart Phone..

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