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Easy And Stylish Hair Styles For College Fest

Written by Sindhu Eravelli
1.Simple Side French Braid:

Braids have been really in style for a while. The most beautiful type of braid is the French braid. It may seem complicated but actually the easy one to do. And one among this is THE SIMPLE SIDE FRENCH BRAID which is the classic French braid that is braided over the top and to the side. The girls who have oval face shapes with hair that as medium to high density will suit this hair style much better.

2.Polished Curls:


This hairstyle which is so simple and keeps you away from those tight braids or ponytails. This is easy if you have wavy hair or if you have styled half way down. This would be an apt hair style if you are in a hurry and don’t have much time.

3.Open Hair Braid:


Want to try some kind of wacky hairstyle then this is definitely the unique one and best suits on outfits like some loose shirts or tees with jeans. This easy hair style is apt for all the fashion lovers.

4.Modern Mohawk:


You are dressing for a party look so your hairstyle should also be modern and fashionable.To give an appealing look you can try this easy hairstyle and especially suits people with square faces by giving height to your face.

4.Blonde Half Up Do:

Apr 26, 2005; Westwood, CA, USA; Actress PARIS HILTON at the Los Angeles premiere of 'House of Wax' held at the Mann Village Theatre. Mandatory Credit: Photo by Rena Durham - KPA/ZUMA Press. (©) Copyright 2005 by Rena Durham

Blonde half up do is an ideal one for any occasion especially for those who get bangs.This also best suits for the people with round faces.

5.Half Up Fishtail Braid:

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Got bored of wearing your hair down and curly everyday and want to try something new for this fest time  then add some flair to it by trying this half up fishtail braid

6.Half Up Half Down:



If you have any fancy occasion or want to change your hair style, then this half up and half down hair style will apt to any look.

7.Twisted Back Bun With Open Hair:


This is another hairstyle which is stylish and easy one.

8.Side Wavy Hair:



Try this hair style which would make your hair look elegant but make sure that your hair is wavy.This hair style will perfectly suits your nice look and even can be tried with medium to lengthy hair.

9.Curled Hair:


If you want to impress people with your style then you can surely try this.Make your hairs curled from top to bottom and separate them with vertical sections.


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