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Story of Court Cards

Written by Anvesh Kumar

Playing cards were invented in Imperial china.They were found in China as early as the 9th century during the tang dynasty..

The deck of 52 French playing cards is the most common deck of playing cards used today.

It includes four French suits, clubs (), diamonds (), hearts () and spades (), with reversible “court” or face cards  — represent the four seasons.

Meanwhile, the 13 cards in each suit – represent the 13 phases of the lunar cycle.

Did you ever notice that  there are 52 cards in a deck ,just as there are 52 weeks in a year.160px-Ming_Dynasty_playing_card,_c._1400

A Chinese printed playing card dated c. 1400 AD, Ming dynasty, found near Turpan, measuring 9.5 by 3.5 cm.


anvesh456Behold four Kings in majesty rever’d,

With hoary whiskers and a forky beard;

SuitHearts.svg The king of hearts was  Charlemagne.

  • The King of Hearts is the only King with no mustache;
  • The King of Hearts is typically shown with a sword behind his head, making him appear to be stabbing himself. Similarly, the one-eyed King of Diamonds is typically shown with an axe behind his head with the blade facing toward him. These depictions, and their blood-red color, inspired the nickname “suicide kings”

SuitDiamonds.svg The king of Diamonds was  Julius Caesar.

  • The King of Diamonds is traditionally armed with an axe
  • The King of Diamonds is sometimes referred to as “the man with the axe“. This is the basis of the trump “one-eyed jacks and the man with the axe”.

SuitClubs.svg The king of clubs was Alexander the Great.

SuitSpades.svg The king of spades was King David .

While the other three kings are armed with swords


anvesh 345

And four fair Queens whose hands sustain a flower,

The’ expressive emblem of their softer power;

SuitHearts.svg The Queen of hearts was Judith.

SuitDiamonds.svg The Queen of Diamonds was Rachel.

SuitClubs.svg The Queen of clubs was Argine.

SuitSpades.svg The Queen of spades was Pallas.

  • The Queen of spades usually holds a scepter and is sometimes known as “the bedpost queen”, though more often she is called “Black Lady”



Four Knaves in garbs succinct, a trusty band,

Caps on their heads, and halberts in their hand;

SuitHearts.svg The Jack of hearts was La Hire.

SuitDiamonds.svg The Jack of Diamonds was Hector.

SuitClubs.svgThe Jack of clubs was Lancelot.

SuitSpades.svgThe Jack of spades was Ogier.



The Joker was invented by american . It originated around 1870 and was inscribed as the “Best Bower,” the highest card in the game of Euchre. Since the game was sometimes called “Juker,” it is thought that the Best Bower card might have been referred to as the “Juker card” which eventually evolved into “Joker.” By the 1880s, certainly, the card had come to depict a jocular imp, jester or clown. Many other images were also used, especially as Jokers became vehicles for social satire and commercial advertising. Similarly, the backs of cards were used to promote ideas, products and services, and to depict famous landmarks, events — and even fads.


Various Poker Game:

2.Basic poker
3.Black jack
6.Crazy eight
7.Egyptian ratscrew
9.Gin rummy
10.Go Fish
12.I Doubt it
13.Indian poker
14.Kings in the corner
16.Old maid
19.Rummy 500
25.Texas Hold ‘EM

The most popular stylistic pattern of the French Deck is sometimes referred to as “English” or “Anglo-American playing cards”.


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