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Cool TECH devices that gives perfect fitness!

Theerdha Reddy
Written by Theerdha Reddy

One of the biggest fitness trends that you need to watch out for this year is technology that is wearable.Right from pedometers, heart-rate monitors, pulse monitors, fitness trackers, smart watches, smart glasses, wristbands and GPS devices, these gears are great when it comes to monitoring your body while exercising. With precision and perfection in exercising becoming a norm, and exponential improvement in technology, globally, this is one trend that is here to stay.


Effective guides-
Fitness gadgets can be effective guides and help you walk through your weight-loss or weight-gain plans. Eefa Shroff, fitness professional says, “The heart rate monitor is one of those devices that can help you lose and gain weight, that is, whether you need aerobic or anaerobic exercises. 70 per cent of your maximum heart rate is your aerobic fat-burn zone. Beyond that, you begin to burn muscle glycogen or muscle sugar. This is great for building muscle and power but not for burning fatty acids. So, when losing weight is your goal, stop running/jogging/ brisk-walking, when you reach 70 per cent of your heart rate. Increase it more and you will not lose weight,” she explains.

Great motivators-
Clocking their progress daily through gadgets encourages people to do better. Psychiatrist Dr Harish Shetty says, “Gadgets also make the zone of exercising a scientific activity. It inspires one and gives an excel sheet where the outcome and impact is measured. It also makes you look modern and moving with data and fixtures on your body.” Fitness and wellness coach Swati Shah says, “These fitness gears may help someone who is just getting started and needs extra incentive to stay motivated.” Some gadgets give the wearer a mild electric shock if it records a slack in his/ her performance.


Monitors progress-

Investing in a fitness tracker could help you stay committed to your regime and on the road because these notify the user whenever there is a deviation from the required physical activity. Apps and gadgets are personalised and have to be updated with your latest information. This helps monitor your daily fitness progress accurately. The important thing is that fast is not always the best thing — if you want to burn fat, you need to be in your aerobic zone. And only your gadget can tell you that.



There are smartphones that can be synced with a user’s phone.So,when you set a destination on your phone,you can jog out and a vibration in your shoe will indicate when you need to turn.


Advanced technological-

There are some gadgets available with voice translation software attached to them, that translates your words instantly in a touch. There are also poster-sensor / slouch detector devices that vibrate gently every time you assume a bad posture and remind you to move your shoulders back and lift your head when it detects slouching.

Try apps, too-

If buying hi-tech gadgets is not your thing, you could try to download apps. Swati says, “There are mobile apps with routines etc available easily. They give you tips and information that you can use to exercise, than just tracking the count of calories burnt.” that hot body!


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