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Netflix: Now in India

Manoj Reddy Pannala

All you need to know about getting started

US-based streaming video service Netflix has now launched services in India. The service will allow access to TV shows and movies, along with award-winning Netflix original series and documentaries.  The service has launched with three tiers of pricing available per month – basic at Rs 500, standard at Rs 650 and premium at Rs 800.
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During signup you have to specify if you are above 18 and this means there is not going to be a lot of censored content, while everything will be rated. However, while creating a profile Netflix lets you identify children so that they don’t get access to any adult content. For now Netflix has limited Indian content, but they are working on getting more partners on board. An initial recce suggests all the popular Bollywood classics are there from Piku to Hum Aapke Hai Kaun. However, Netflix is going to be a big boost for independent cinema. which does not get much screens to show on in India. There are hardly any recent releases, and the entire library of India-centric content available is quite limited. We hope that will change in the future, but at present, this shouldn’t be the only reason to sign up for Netflix.
Rivals In the Indian Market:

In India, you currently have Hooq (Hooq.tv; available on Android and iOS; starting at Rs.199 per month) which is fantastic for movie buffs and Ogle (Ogle.rocks; available on Android, iOS, Windows; Rs.249 per month) which does extremely well with the latest TV shows and is quite okay with movies. Apart from that, there aren’t many other options. Google’s own Movies and TV app doesn’t really have much exciting content in India, and neither does the Apple iTunes store. Star’s Hotstar is focused on certain TV shows, but cannot be a replacement for a full-fledged TV connection yet.

The arrival of Netflix in India may mean that rival video streaming services such as Hulu, Showtime and HBO Now may be forced to consider the Indian market sooner rather than later. Hulu and Showtime have a massive library of TV shows, and add the latest episodes instantly. HBO has some really diverse content too. But in reality, that may never really happen. Apple Music being available in India (Android and iOS) didn’t force the likes of Spotify to respond, for example.

At present, Netflix pricing in India is very similar to what they offer to US consumers. We aren’t entirely sure if the Indian market is mature enough for those prices yet. Unless Netflix becomes the hub of TV shows, which could mean the true “cord cutting” scenario will come into play, allowing people to snip the cable TV or Direct-to-Home connections. Right now, it is the perfect tool for a movie marathon on a lazy weekend.

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