Exercises That Helps To Boost Your Mood

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Exercise is  frequently linked to feeling an increased sense of calm, leading to better mental health and general physical and mental well being. Research from Princeton University published in the Journal  of Neuroscience, suggests that exercise re-organizes the brain which helps in reducing the stress and anxiety. So, get happy this winter by making home workouts part of your routine.If you have a busy and stressful lifestyle then this workouts help you feel much better.

1.To Feel Motivated And Increase Muscle Tone:


TIME: 30 minutes

This workout is designed to hit every muscle. It alternates between resistance-based work, cardio and abs. Perform as a back-to-back circuit with as little rest as possible. Complete 3-5 rounds. Use the first 1-2 rounds as a warm up, so take it fairly easy, then increase the pace for the rest of the rounds. You can rest between each round, depending on your fitness level. The fitter you get, the less rest you will need each time.

Workouts to be done:

  • 5 full or half push-ups: In a plank position set your hands at a distance which should be slightly wider than your shoulder width part.Your feet should be set up in a position that is comfortable to you.Even though it is a difficult one it works well on muscles.
  • 20 mountain climbers on each side:In a plank position, bring alternating knees towards your chest. Hold the plank for 30-60 secs.


  • 10 jump squats: Stand with your feet shoulder distance apart.Start by doing a regular squat and try to jump up straightening your knees and land down as softly as possible.
  • 5 close grip press-ups:These are done with your hands right next to your armpits

close grip

2.To Improve Mental Focus And Metabolism


TIME: 20 minutes

High intensity training alternates between the bursts of fast exercise and low intensity rest periods.Doing this workout will elevate your heart rate,ramp up metabolism and work up on your abdominal area.It also works excellent for increasing blood flow quickly which helps the cells in your brain function faster.This workout can be done under 20 mins.This is where your metabolism is elevated for up to 24 hours after the session, meaning you continue to burn calories at a higher rate.

  • 30 secs of jump squats followed by 30 secs rest:Repeat it for 10 times.Start the first couple of rounds with normal squats without jumps to help you warm up..”Feel free to regress the exercise if needed by performing alternate squats with speed but no jump in-between,”says personal trainer Matt Whitmore.


  • 30 secs of mountain climbers followed by 30 secs rest:Repeat it for 10 times
  • 3 rounds of core circuit: Perform each of the below for 40 secs back-to-back. Rest if  needed. Each round should take 2 mins.
  1. Russian twists: Sit on the floor with your knees bent and raise your feet to make it harder with your back straight. Clasp your hands together in front of your heart. Slowly twist your upper body from side to side.

russian twists

  1. Leg lowers: Lying on the ground facing up, raise your legs to the ceiling. Slowly lower your straight legs towards the floor while keeping your lower back pressed into the ground. If you feel your back wants to arch, bend your knees a bit to make it easier.

leg lowers

  1. Knee to opposite elbow:Starting in a press-up position, bend one knee and bring it towards the opposite elbow. Repeat on the other side.

3.To Feel Empowered And Strong:


TIME: 25 minutes

This workout is the ultimate empowerment-boosting routine.Doing this not only helps to boost metabolism because more muscle means more calories burnt at rest, but also helps you feel stronger and more self assured.

Complete each group of three exercises back to back, rest for 2-3 mins then repeat the whole set 3-5 times again. Take your time on the movements, as the muscles have to work harder when they spend longer stress.Once you have completed all  the exercises and sets then only move to the other.


  • 10 split squats on each leg:Place your foot on a step in such a way that the top of shoe facing downwards and with your other foot about half a meter in front.Bend your front leg until your back knee almost touches the floor, then straighten to the start position


  • 10 alternating step-ups: Get on your stairs by taking two steps at a time. If you can do three in one go, it would be even better. The higher the step, the harder it targets your gluts. March up 10 times starting with your left leg, then repeat with the right leg.
  • 10 plank walks:Start with a full push-up position, arms fully stretched out.Walk your feet in towards your hands, then stand up. Return your hands to the floor and walk your feet back out. Hold the plank for 5 secs.

plank walks

4.To Feel Confident And Walk Tall


TIME: 30 minutes

“Performing three sets of this circuit to tone your whole body and improve posture will help you feel energized to start your day”, says celebrity trainer James Duigan.You will need a TRX suspension training kit.If you rest for 1 min between exercises and 3 mins between circuits, it wouldn’t take longer than 30 mins.


  • 15 TRX rows: Facing upwards with your feet pushing into the floor and ensure that your body is in a straight line,diagonal to the floor. Hold the handles in both hands, keep elbows close to the body as you bend them, pause at the top and then extend elbows again. This works on the back, shoulders and bicep muscles.


  • 10 single-leg lunge jumps on each side: Hold both the handles in one hand,maintain balance on your front foot. Bend your knee until your bottom is as close to the floor as possible, then straighten your leg again and do a mini jump. You may not be able to squat all the way to the floor at first, so go as low as you can, keeping your chest and shoulders held up so not to collapse forward.
  • 10 TRX knee tucks: With hands on the floor and body in a plank position, place both feet (top of shoes facing towards floor) in the handles. Steady yourself before slowly bending your knees towards your chest then extending them again. This really works your core.


5.To Feel Energized


TIME: 15 minutes

You’ll need stretch bands with three different levels of resistance, two gliding discs, two cans of tomatoes or 1 kg hand weights for this workout.”Three sets of this circuit will help you feel happier and stronger, as it fires up your nervous system in readiness for the day ahead. It’s particularly good after a bad night’s sleep,”says James.This is because it’s very short, meaning it doesn’t elevate your stress hormone cortisol, which tends to be higher when you’re tired.

  • 20 step tube walk: Stand on the band with each legs on each one, just above your knees. Take 20 steps sideways with straight legs, then 20 with bent. This tones the muscles in your bottom and outer thighs, so they can better support your lower back.
  • 15 glider curtsy lunges on each leg: Place your front and back feet on the gliders, in lunge position with legs a foot apart. Slowly slide (or) step if you don’t have gliders your back foot so it crosses behind you front leg. Then glide or step it back to the starting position.


  • 1-min arm circles: Hold 1 kg weights or cans of tomatoes in each hand, reach your arms out to the side and make small circles with your straight arms. This works the shoulders, arm and upper back muscles.
  • 10 pikes with gliders: In a  plank position, step your feet one at a time onto the gliders. Lift your bottom and tense your abdominal to slide your feet towards your hands, until you are in an inverted V shape. Return feet slowly to the start position. If you don’t have gliders, you can use small towels and do it on a smooth floor.

pike gliders

6.To De-stress and feel relaxed:


TIME:15 minutes

One of the workouts which works great at night.”Doing 3-4 sets of this circuit will calm you down, lower your cortisol levels, therefore reducing stress, and help you sleep better. It will also improve your flexibility,”says James. The workout includes elements of yoga, deep breathing and balancing, which helps to  promote relaxation, calming your central nervous system.


  • 20 Hip extensions: Lie on your back with bent knees and feet on the floor, close enough to your bottom that you can touch them with outstretched arms. As you exhale,raise your hips up slowly as far as they will go until you’re making a straight line with your body from knees to lower ribs. Hold for 3 secs then gently return back as you inhale.


  • 15 slow body weight squats: Stand on feet with hip-distance apart, inhale and bend your knees until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Exhale when you come back to the upright position. Breathe out when you move up, and breathe in when you move downwards.



  • 30 sec tree-pose on each leg: Stand on one leg with the foot of the other leg pushed into your upper thigh. Place your hands into prayer position in front of your heart. Count 15 breaths in and out. If you jiggle out of the pose, compose your balance and start again.At first it is very natural to loose your balance, so work up to maintain your balance each time.Taking a few minutes to relax can bring stress hormones to a healthier level.

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