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Winter is the perfect time to utilize the emotional,physical and spiritual well-being benefits of essential oils which not only boost your mood but also brightens your skin and hair too.

Essential oils have been used from centuries for health reasons, finally science is recognizing their benefits not only for health but beauty too. For example, they can be applied to your skin to reduce wrinkles, improve and brighten skin tone, and can be used on your hair to strengthen follicles and prevent thinning. The cold winter weather outside and central heating indoors can deplete your natural body oils, leaving skin dry and flaky and hair exhausted, but essential oils will nourish and boost your health.


The refreshing and revitalizing scent of floral essences can also give you a powerful mood lift, which is especially important in these busy hours.


Essential oils are concentrated essences of plants or fruits, extracted by steam distillation or mechanical compression.Essential oils are found in the leaves, flowers, fruit, wood and roots of aromatic plants.If you smell a rose or run your hand over a rosemary bush, the fragrance you can detect is the essential oil inside.The following five  essential oils are best suited in boosting your mood, as well as your skin and hair this winter.


This fresh and motivating scent is also known as anti-depressant.Bergamot essential oil is extracted from the rind of an orange-lemon hybrid fruit called citrus bergamia.Anti-fugal,Anti-bacterial and Anti-septic Bergamot oil helps to fade scars and fight acne.



A study in February 2015 by the Department of Immunology at Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine, Japan, found bergamot had a positive effect on mood by scatter negative emotions and fatigue.Researchers asked some women to inhale the vapors of the essential oil for 15 minutes, then measured the cortisol levels in their saliva. Cortisol is the hormone released in response to fear or anxiety. Those who had inhaled the bergamot vapours had significantly lower saliva cortisol levels, as well as reduced their negative emotions and fatigue, compared to when they inhaled water vapours or just rested.


Bergamot has skin healing properties that help to fade marks and scars.It also helps in reducing sun spots on the face.Add a drop of bergamot to your regular moisturizer for a smooth and even skin tone.Bergamot will balance oily and troubled skin.Add two drops of bergamot oil to 10 ml of grape seed oil and rub a small amount on oily and blemished areas and allow to sink into your skin at night.Its anti-septic properties will help in healing the acne and eczema.

Bergamot is a natural disinfectant which helps in reducing the body odour.Add 17 drops  to 100 ml of water and spray under arms.


It is also known as citrus paradisi, grapefruit originates from Barbados and Jamaica. The essential oil is extracted by compressing the peel.This Zingy citrus fruit helps to ease fatigue.



A study published last year by the Institute for Protein Research, Osaka University, Japan, confirmed that grapefruit essential oil acts as a stimulant to the sympathetic nervous system, giving you a feeling of alertness and well being. Make a mood brightening grapefruit essential oil room or body spray by adding a couple of drops of the oil to water inside an atomizer spray bottle. It’s also a powerful airborne antiseptic so will keep you clean and free from bacteria.


DETOXING:Grapefruit essential oil is a valuable detox aid to fight cellulite.Dilute a couple of drops in a carrier oil and massage it onto cellulite-prone areas.Increase circulation to decrease cellulite with grape fruit oil.

DECONGESTING: Grapefruit is an constricting, so it will deep cleanse your hair from the dulling residue of styling products to reveal shiny, lustrous locks.Add two drops to your shampoo to decongest your scalp, cleanse hair follicles and get rid of dandruff. Or mix two drops with a carrier oil, such as jojoba, and massage into your hair.Leave for five minutes then shampoo as normal.

ANTIOXIDANT:This Essential which is  rich in vitamin C,supercharges skin and hair with strength by protecting them from oxidization and toxins that lead to ageing and degeneration of cells. Mix one drop into 10 ml of aloe vera gel for a vitamin rich face mask. Leave on for 10 minutes, then rinse off,avoiding your eye area.


An energizing oil, from the peel of the citrus reticulate.Mandarin is mostly found in China where it is treated as symbol of good fortune.This sweet citrus aroma is uplifting and cheering.



Add mandarin to water on top of an oil burner and leave it in your living room for an uplifting scent that creates a feeling of positivity and cheers up you.


ANTI-AGEING:Mandarin Essential oil helps in preventing ageing because it promotes the growth of new cells.It is an anti-oxidant and improves blood circulation and keep your skin rejuvenated by helping in growth of new cells. For a cleansing and purifying tonic that will tone and brighten oily or combination skin, add two drops of essential oil to 10 ml of carrier oil and massage onto your face, avoiding the eye and mouth area.


Rosemary is best known as a partner to roast lamb.It is a part of mint family which includes basil,lavender and sage.Its essential oil, rosmarinus officinalis, is extracted from the leaves of bush.Oil from this herb sharpens the senses.



Rosemary helps in improving memory and boost brain power.This powerful stimulant can help clear the mind.It is mainly beneficial when want to concentrate and be alert.

A study in the International Journal of Neuroscience found that  people who inhaled rosemary essential oil displayed significantly improved cognitive function as well as improved mood, over those in fragrance-free rooms.


HAIR CARE:Rosemary is helpful in growing the hair longer and stronger as well as slows the premature hair loss.Rosemary stimulates micro circulation, which improves blood flow to your hair follicle.When diluted and applied to hair scalp it boosts in healthy hair growth.Rosemary essential oil is medically approved hair loss treatment.

ANTI-AGEING:Inhaling rosemary for 5 minutes decreases cortisol levels.Cortisol is a stress response hormone that can age the body if it is secreted to much over a period of time.To decrease stress and feel uplifted mix 3-5 drops of rosemary with shot glass of water and heat the liquid in ceramic oil burner for an hour. Keep checking whether the water has evaporated if it is then add more water  and another drop of essential oil to top up if needed.


Geranium is an attractive five-petalled flower with more than 200 varieties, but it’s the pelargonium graveolens, which is used to produce the best quality essential oil. The oil is extracted by steam distillation of its stem and leaves.This uplifting scent is used to banish anxiety.



Breathing Geranium essential oil significantly lowers anxiety levels in first time mothers during the early stages of labour.Inhaling two drops of geranium essential oil for 20 minutes will help in lower blood pressure and decrease in anxiety levels.The rosy  and delicately sweet scent of geranium essential oil is an aromatherapy that will lift your spirits and help to balance your mood, especially  if you are prone to occasional mood swings.


ANTI-AGEING:Best suited for mature skin.Geranium rejuvenates facial skin cells,creates a complexion which glows and fighting signs of anti-ageing..This is because it has cytophylactic properties,it protects cells from degrading. It also has astringent properties, which help tone and tighten skin, thereby reducing the appearance of wrinkles on your face.Add a drop to your regular night cream.

BLEMISHES:Geranium is anti-bacterial,so it is effective in reducing acne and minor cuts.It is an excellent tonic for all skin types especially for combination complexions because it helps to regulate sebum production.Make an oil-balancing treatment for your skin by diluting two drops of geranium in 10 ml of sweet almond oil and leave on overnight. Geranium also improves blood circulation, helping scars and blemish marks to fade.

TOXIN ELIMINATOR:Geranium is a diuretic,it can increase urination. This helps you eliminate toxins, such as airborne pollutants, more quickly.Add 12 drops of geranium oil to a warm bath for a detoxing soak.



Essential oils are extremely concentrated. Never apply them directly to your skin. Instead, dilute them with a nourishing carrier oil. Use two or three drops of essential oil per 100 ml of carrier oil.Consult your doctor before using aroma therapy remedies especially if you suffer from a medical condition. Avoid essential oils if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Some oils may cause skin irritation if you have sensitive skin. Perform a patch test before use by placing a diluted drop on your inner elbow. Leave for at least an hour. If irritation or redness occurs, wash the area with olive oil, then with cold water and do not use again.

Bergamot and Mandarin can increase your sensitivity to sunlight, so don’t apply to skin during the day – save it for a night treatment. Store the oil in a dark bottle out of sunlight.



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