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Yamaha unveiled MOTOBOT this week surprisingly well. The bike has training wheels on both sides, just in case of accidents, so Motobot isn’t quite ready to take to the streets. Yamaha believes developing Motobot will make for safer and smarter motorcycles in the future.

Humans might not be the fastest things on two wheels before long. Yamaha ultimately hopes to get Motobot blasting along at more than 120MPH on a race track. It goes so far as to put racing legend Valentino Rossi on notice.

Yamaha says that, eventually, the goal is for Motobot to be able to ride an unmodified motorcycle on a racetrack at more than 200 kilometers per hour. Like most high-concept projects, the idea is to take the lessons learned over the life of this project and apply them to Yamaha’s current business, with specific regard to rider safety and rider support systems. The company also says it hopes to use the technology behind Motobot to “pioneer new lines of business.”

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