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Kangana Ranaut Opens Up At Women In The World Summit

Written by Sindhu Eravelli

As women,we don’t have to hope to get our due;we need to get up and get it up ourselves Kangana Ranaut

Attaining safety in India is “not achievable” said by Kangana Ranaut who is one of the highest paid actress in Bollywood at the most prestigious show Women In The World which is held on Friday at London.From the roles she has done in the Bollywood film industry she has been an inspiration to young girls all over the country.

Talking about the initial stages of her life-She came from a small town of Himachal Pradesh and  became one of the showbiz actress.The path is not just a fairy-tale.Because she have faced many troubles for over a period of ten years for her all the way to success.

At the Women In The World summit she spoke about her childhood,her struggle in the Bollywood and about the safety of Indian women in the present situation.She delved the truths about the glamours life of Bollywood and gender equality at the women.

She is honest about India becoming a safer place for women is quite “Impractical Thought”.She spoke openly about the sexism in film industry and about the challenges of being a women in this society.And most importantly she speaks about women having a successful career in India is still a norm.

Check out the Interview of kangana at the Women In The World summit:

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