Guys-10 Things You Don’t Realize Girls Notices About You

Written by Sindhu Eravelli
It’s true that your girl knows a lot more about you than you think! She notices details men probably didn’t even know.So take a look and be careful about.

Here there are list of things that a women notices in you

1.Your Nails


You may not take into consider your nail biting habit,but she sure does.Clean and Clipped nails are an essential for a well groomed man.There is no need to go for a manicure or pedicure appointments but instead keep your nails well cleaned.

2.Your Sense of Humor


Trying to make her laugh is one thing, but she’s definitely going to be looking out for the kind of jokes you make.But don’t expect her to stick around you for longer time if your kind of jokes are some sexist and nasty jokes.

3.Your Personal style

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It takes just few weeks of spending some time with men to get to know your sense of style like laid back or casual or even just plain.

4.Your Text Messages

Women notices the kind of messages you send them.Believe it or not, good grammar and punctuation with some cute emoji’s will win you a place in her heart.

5.Your Watch

What kind of watch are you wearing or whether you are wearing a watch or not–says lot about your personality.Because the watch which you are wearing will attract more attraction than any other item in a men’s wardrobe.

6.Music On Your Phone

Girls definitely notices the type of music playing on your phone whether it is soft,melodious or even retro classic.The music which you listen says a lot about your personality.So Men be careful while choosing the type of music you listen in front of your Girl.

7.How You Talk To Other Girls

The way you talk to other girls is the most important thing.Whether you are respectful with other women in your life is definitely one thing every women notices.

8.Your Behavior at a club


She cares much about your manners in a party or a club rather than on your dancing skills.The moment your behavior gets close to aggressive it does not take much time to get you out of that place.

9.How You Talk To Waiters At Restuarant

If you are polite to your support staff and remember to thank them each time then you are in right path because she totally keeps an eye on how you treat others.

10.How Clean Your Car Is

The first thing she notices when she gets into your is the cleanliness of your car.If you keep it like your personal trash can then she is not going to be in favor of those long drives you are planning to go.




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