Everyday Makeup Mistakes That You Make

Written by Sindhu Eravelli

Using makeup can make your skin look fresh and young but only when you apply it correctly..Whether you wear makeup all day or only on occasions but there are some mistakes that everyone do.Here we give you some of the common makeup mistakes you do every day that could make you look older and is ruining your skin.

1.To put too much concealer on Pimple


Of course when you can’t get rid of those nasty pimples you can use a concealer to cover it up.But trying to cover it by putting too much of concealer and then patting it down will only makes it look heavy.And also it forms an unattractive ring around the pimple.Instead add a bit of concealer on the pimple itself but not around the pimple and use a brush or sponge to blend it gently.But never do it with your fingers.Add another layer of it if you think it is needed so.

2.Testing your foundation on your wrist


Most of the people buy their make up in this way and in fact some sales people  at the make up counters do the same and probably it is the reason why your foundation is wrong for you.The skin on your hands and wrist sometimes may not match with the skin tone of your face.So find out a more accurate foundation that matches your skin tone by testing the color along you jawline.It helps to see if it matches to your skin naturally.

3.Wearing waterproof mascara often


Wearing a waterproof mascara makes your lashes look awesome when you going out for a pool party or wedding but there is no need to wear it everyday.They are not meant for daily use because of the ingredients that make it water proof are extra drying for your lashes.And also it is very difficult to remove which makes your lashes to fall off because of all that rubbing.

4.Applying the wrong blush


Picking the right blush that suits your skin may be one of the big challenges everyone faces during the makeup.Know your skin tone and find out the best blush that works well for you.Using a red blush makes you to look too artificial.A good way find out the blush is to match your blush with your lips,especially if you use pale pink lipstick.But certainly this does not hold true if you are using a dark shades to your lips.If you are going with bold lipstick then your blush should be accurate.

5.Using expired makeup

makeup set on table front view

Every product has a expire date even the make up products that you are using.If you do not remember from how long you are using the makeup products then throw all of them out.The life of most of the makeup products is between few months to a year at the maximum.


Do remember to replace your mascaras and eyeliners as regularly as you can that’s because using old makeup not only works less but also causes skin irritation and infection which damages your skin.

6.Using excessive bronzer/highlighting products


Who doesn’t love a fresh and misty glow?But going crazy with these bright products will make your face look like a disco ball.Use them in limit at your cheekbones,brow bones and nose.One great trick is to draw number 3 down your face starting at your brow bones,down under your cheeks and then down your lips.Do this on both sides of your face for a lovely bronzer.

7.Applying makeup on dry skin


Applying makeup on dry skin is a major beauty offence as your makeup doesn’t blend into your skin properly which leads to a horrible effect.Make sure to moisture your skin daily and wash your skin with a granular substance every week to keep your skin soft,hydrated and healthy.

8.Clumping your mascara


Using too much or too old mascara gives you the dreaded mascara clumps.We all know that clumpy lashes can never give a good look.So to avoid clumping of your lashes do not use the old mascaras and remember to apply maximum of one or two layers of mascara.You can also use a clean mascara wand through your lashes to get rid of those dreaded clumps.

9.Not using cleaned makeup brushes


It is very important to use clean makeup sponges and brushes.So don’t forget to wash your brushes for every few weeks or depending upon how often you use them.Otherwise you are just putting yourself into risk of skin infections.

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