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1. Clean Your Dirty Glasses In Style


Add few drops of vodka to a soft cloth and wipe the cloth to your sunnies or specs lens.

Now you have a clean and shiny glasses.

   2.  Prevent your razor from getting rust and dirt.


Take a clean glass and pour some vodka in it until the razor blade dips in the vodka.

This hack prevents the blade from rusting and keeps the blade clean.

  3. Preventing flowers from aging early.


Add few drop in your old vase and mix it water and put your flowers in it.

This helps the flowers to age slower.

  4. Using Vodka as a face toner.



Apply small amount vodka to a cotton ball and rub your skin.

This helps the skin to be more soft, toned and healthy.

  5. Vodka for luscious and healthy hair.


Add a shot of vodka to your shampoo or conditioner and get a luscious and bouncy hair.

Adding vodka to a conditioner will lower the hair’s pH, helping the cuticles closed and sealed. Cuticles mean reduced frizz and tons of shine.



  6. Got smelly feet?


Got smelly feet? No problem apply some vodka to a soft cloth and then rub it to your feet, this removes bad smell or odour from your feet.

   7. Old shoes or clothes.


Spray a vodka over your old clothes or shoes, this helps in removing the smell.

  8. Vodka as a pain reliever.


Add equal amount of water and vodka into a zip-lock plastic bag. Freeze it for one hour and dab it to your where you feel pain. Instant relief.




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