Spice Up Your Wardrobe With Color Coordinating Fashion Accessories

Written by Sindhu Eravelli

Jewelry is the perfect way to bring life to a fashion outfit and enhance your best features.

Accessories can make any outfit look great.They can dress up a boring outfit or tone down a more formal piece.

Color coordinating is the most important part of your fashion sense. It’s easily noticeable that people, who have great style and good taste in the way they dress, usually know the current fashion color trends as well. Fashion is all about colors and how you use the colors with other items in your outfit in order to provide the best possible results.

Fashion jewelry for women comes in many colors and materials. However, keep in mind that every color is not complimented by every kind of jewelry. If we leave out casuals completely and discuss only formal clothes like gowns, dresses or sarees then the question of color coordinating becomes even more pertinent. Complete your look with a bold, striking and attention-grabbing piece of statement jewellery.  Don’t be shy of experimenting.

So lets us know some basic rules for color coordinating fashion accessories.These basic tips can solve all your color coordinating problems.


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White,the mother of all colors is one of the most difficult color to carry off to perfection.A majority of people have this horrible misconception that pearls look great with white color outfits.One can wear an exquisite pearl pendant on  your wedding dress but on other type of dress absolutely no.However you can wear gold with white or even silver depends on the cuttings of your clothes.Even large beads and peculiar colors go well with white, again depending on the type of dress you are wearing.But basically you need to compliment the calmness of white with some splash of color to add vibrancy or add elegance of Gold or Silver to give meaning to white.The best match for white color outfits would be red or gold.


The most outstanding fashionable jewelry for Blue and Green colored outfits would be pearls.You can wear your patent string of pearls with every Blue and Green saree you have and it will look sophisticated.Wear pearl pendants, necklaces, earrings, jhumkis, bangles, bracelets whatever you wish with your Blue and Green outfits.However,pearls does not match better if your Blue is very light colored.With bright sea Green and peacock Blue,pearls work very well.The best match for these colored outfits would be White.


The bright blood Red is actually an easy color to match fashion jewelry with.Remember,the one color that will never let you fail with Red is Green.So,bring out your emeralds next time you want to wear that stunning scarlet gown or other outfit.Red as we know is a very provocative color so keep the jewelry minimal unless its a really grand occasion like a wedding. However the classic combination of Red and Gold is back in trend now.  So don’t be shy of using big bold statement gold pieces with your Red Indian outfits. Keep the make up minimal and you will be the attention point of the evening.So the best match would be Green and Gold.



The only color which is always in fashion is Black.Black is a very neutral color as long as fashion trends are considered.When you wear your black outfits with forms majority of your wardrobe these days wear trendy jewellery which is mixture of different colors.You could wear multi-colored bangles with your black dress or a rainbow colored necklace.If you love to wear diamonds,then it will look outstanding on black.The best thing about black is that all colors go with black.


Handbags have always been necessary for a great fashion statements.However now you have handbags which can repay for jewelry and other bling of your outfit. Handbags which are decorated with all sort of stones, pearls, metal work, sequins etc. make big statement for big occasions. However try not to use them with your work outfit, opt for a good quality leather or faux leather bag. Leather bags in neutral but strong colors such as black, brown, cherry are ever so popular and be perfect with appropriate work wear.  Be watchful of the size you choose for.



The most common and must have accessories are Bangles and Bracelets. They enhance the overall grace and beauty of  the traditional wear and fashion wear. You can find bangles made of variety of material, glass to gold, plastic to wood, in all shapes, size and colors to suit your outfit.The designs can vary from plain simple monochrome to intricate designs and beautiful use of precious and semi precious gems. Choose one carefully to compliment your outfit not dominate your appearance.

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