Some Outlandish Beauty Treatments Around The World

Written by Sindhu Eravelli

How far would a person go in the pursuit of beauty? Check out some of these seriously outrageous beauty techniques that exist in different parts of the world! From the fascinating to beyond frightening and even kind of gross, this collection is one worth knowing about!!!!


1. The Bird Poop Facial


The bird poop facial is an ancient japanese skin care tradition.It is popularly known as THE GEISHA FACIAL in New York.Used for hundreds of years by kabuki actors and Geisha to remove heavy makeup and to whiten and condition their skin.The excellent excrement comes from the Nightingale because their natural enzymes are good for skin.Powdered nightingale excrement helps them achieve that iconic clear complexion.The droppings are harvested in nightingale farms in Japan, where they’re dehydrated and UV-light sanitized before being ground into a fine powder. The Geisha Facial at Shizuka New York Day Spa in midtown Manhattan mixes the powder with rice bran so it smells like toasted oats or peanut butter.

Health and beauty benefits:The rice bran and the droppings have natural enzymes which can help gently soften,brighten and nourish your complexion.


2.Snake Massage

Snake Massage (6)

If ever there was an opportunity for you to get over your fear of snakes, this is it.At one spa in Israel customers pay to get a snake massage.The snake spa begins with a tangled heap of snakes placed on your back or belly,they are even used for facial or soothing foot rub.Big corn snakes and king snakes up to eight feet long are used for deep massage and small snakes for light massage.The slithering creates a massaging action that some find it relaxing.All the snakes are not poisonous.The snakes have a six sense for seeking out where the human is feeling pain, and after a few minutes, the snakes go towards the injured area.The spa trainers stays with you to ensure any initial panic subsides and to guide the creatures along your legs, over your face, and through your hair.Don’t worry – snakes are apparently fed chickens before the massage to make sure they don’t turn the massage into an opportunity for lunch.

Health and beauty benefits:It can release muscle tension, relieve stress, and ease aching bones and joints.


3.Sake footbath and Cocoon scrub


At Hyatt Regency Kyoto’s Riraku Spa in Japan, every treatment begins with a ritual footbath and scrub. Instead of infusing aromatic herbs into your footbath to calm you, this spa uses another muscle relaxant that is alcohol. Sake is poured into hot water, and after a soak, your feet are massaged with fingers capped by tender silkworm cocoons. The fine, hairlike cocoon filament gently exfoliates dead skin and dirt from pores. Another aspect of the ritual is the steamed oriental herb ball with a custom blend of herbs that address your body’s specific needs.

Health and beauty benefits:The footbath and scrub can improve blood circulation for relaxation and moisturize the skin, giving it a gloss. If you’re adding on an acupuncture treatment, the steamed herbal ball can help dilate the blood vessels, pumping more blood and oxygen to enhance the effect.


4.vampire facial


The vampire facial, or Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), involves extracting about two spoons of a patients blood from their arm and spinning it in a centrifuge to seperate the fluid part called the plasma from the red and white blood cells.The concentrated plasma which is rich in platelets is isolated and activated to release their unique healing properties.Platelets are rich with growth factors and they are injected back into your face for generating younger tissue and generating the skin so you can look forever young.Some practitioners combine it with dermal fillers to further plump up problem areas, such as under the eye.

The recommended dosage is three sessions, four weeks apart, and then once a year for maintenance.But not all are convinced.Miles Berry, a consultant plastic surgeon at Cosmetic surgery partners London, says: “The procedure has a temporary effect through swelling, but there is as yet no scientific evidence of any long-term improvements to the skin.

Health and beauty benefits:It stimulates collagen production.Removes face wrinkles.Makes you skin soft.It is a pain less process.Improvement in blood flow.


5.Fish Pedicure


For first timers, the fish-pedicure often begins with wide-eyed wonder and a few giggles. There is something inherently strange about fish that don’t swim away from you and are actually eager to nibble at your cracked heels and remove the dead skin off. The fish used here is the toothless Garra Rufa which is also called as Doctor fish.They live and breed in Turkish rivers and hot springs.Once you get over the initial ticklish sensation of the subtle vibration, you realize the relaxing effect of these toothless doctor fish. During the first half of the hour-long treatment, guests submerge their feet in individual aquariums, where 100 to 150 “doctor fish” slough off dead skin. A masseuse finishes the second half of the treatment with a foot massage.Some U.S states crap that it is not sanitary but it is said that the ticklish tingly trick will your feet feel terrific.

Health and Beauty Benefits: The fish pedicure is used to remove the dead skin and improve circulation. The saliva of Garra Rufa produces the natural healing enzyme Dithranol, which can help to re energize your skin.


6.Caviar facial


When considering the most extravagant thing you could ever do to your face, covering it with caviar may rank near the top. Caviar is one of the most expensive food in the world.It is made of tiny fish eggs that are processed and salted.As it is a sea food caviar is rich in omega 3 fatty acids which gives a pure shine to skin. At some spas, the actual fish eggs, high in antioxidants and nutrients, are rubbed directly onto your skin, while at others, the roe is infused into a creamy mask.Caviar is also rich in amino acids which are directly absorbed into skin.This regenerates your skin to look younger and more vital.

Health and beauty benefits: Caviar’s vitamin A and E antioxidants can help correct and protect the skin from environmental hazards and free radicals that cause aging and disease. The nutrients of potassium and selenium work to improve the skin’s elasticity.


7.Leech theraphy


The thought of a leech sucking at your skin might give you the creeps, but both Dr. Oz and Demi Moore will vouch for its effectiveness. Also known as hirudotherapy, the practice of leech therapy has been recognized since ancient times and is still widely used at health centers today for ailments ranging from bruises to heart disease. At the Silesian Holistic Center in Brooklyn, leeches are placed on your skin, usually over your liver or pancreas, to help remove toxins. The leech saliva, a nearly transparent light-red substance with more than 140 bioactive enzymes, is then applied to your face in the form of a mask.Patients who suffer from pain and inflammation will feel relief from the anti-inflammatory and anesthetic effects of the leech’s saliva.

Leech therapy also helps to improve the blood circulation and helps to normalize the blood pressure of hypertensive individuals as well as lessen their risk of suffering from stroke and heart attacks.It also  helps with the healing process of wounds, as well as wounds caused by diabetes.Due to its bacteriostatic agents leeches boost the immune system’s function.

Health and Beauty Benefits: The treatment can increase circulation, improve skin elasticity, reduce inflammation, kill bacteria, provide natural antibiotics, and relax and smooth skin. It can also help clear up acne, skin blemishes.



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