Installing Windows 10 on OEM Machines [UEFI Boot Fixed]

Manoj Reddy Pannala

Since Microsoft Windows 10 has release the Free Upgrade, lot of users experienced a slow down in the system. So here is the tutorial to demonstrate how to clean install the windows from the upgrade.

This video also fixes the UEFI boot error or STILL BOOT DEVICE NOT FOUND when inserted the bootable DVD/USB.

Video Tutorial :


Step By Step Procedure :


Step-1: Make a USB Bootable Disk Using RUFUS


To make the USB bootable first we need to format the USB in GPT partition scheme. Then follow step-2.

Step-2: Disabling the Secure Boot option in BIOS

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Step-3: Now boot from the USB Drive


Step-4: Fixing the Windows cannot be installed on drive 0 partition 1

At the screen where it ask you to choose which drive to install Windows on, press Shift+F10 and a DOS window should open

type: diskpart
type: list disk (you should see only Disk0)
type: sel disk 0
type: clean

close the DOS window

click on Refresh, select the disk that is listed, and click Next.


Step-5: Installing Windows 10



Step-6: Finally we have clean installed the Windows 10



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