Beauty Benefits Of Using Ice Cubes

Written by Sindhu Eravelli

In a terrible hot summer months ice cubes are such a relief.It completely cools down your body and saves you from the extreme heat.Adding two or three ice cubes in juice or even in normal water cools your whole body after spending a tiring day shopping at shopping mall or a hard day working at your office.Even though it is not good to use ice but we still do it.Ice cubes may have bad effect on your throat but it has amazing benefits on your skin.Including ice cubes in your daily beauty regime is actually a good idea.Want to know how?Then read to know the benefits of ice cubes on your face and skin.





As we all know cucumbers are known to be natural coolers.They gently clean the skin and act as moisturizers.Instead of using normal cucumber Frozen cucumber paste can be used as skin cleanser.This frozen paste removes dead skin and closes the pores of the skin.Take some cucumber puree and add a teaspoon of honey and lime in equal measures to the puree before freezing and pour the mixture into ice trays to freeze it.Once the cubes are ready rub them over your face for half a minute.Doing this for twice or thrice a week will help slough your skin and make it glow.



If you want to reduce puffiness then place frozen tea bags over your eyes.To reduce dark circles,prepare green tea by boiling a teaspoon of leaves in hot water.Let it cool down for some time,once it is done freeze it into cubes.Apply cubes to your eye lids to reduce puffiness and dark circles.



If you are in a hurry and you do not have time to do facial then lemon ice cubes will be the best choice for instant facial.Lemon juice has vitamin c and it nourishes your skin,making it smooth and supple.It also helps in contraction of skin cells and body tissues that cleans pores and hydrates the skin.Pour a glass of freshly squeezed lemon juice into the ice tray and it to freeze.Rub these lemon ice cubes over your face and neck for a minute and then rinse it with cold water.Do this for thrice a week for a natural glow and to balance the oil contents of your face.


Well who isn’t fed up of pimples and acne.Want to get rid of acne then all you need is few ice cubes.Apply them on the pimple,wart or acne affected area for a minute.This helps in reducing inflammation,smoothens and hydrates your skin.



Rub your eyebrows with ice cubes before you tweak!Yes,ice cubes helps in reducing redness and pain and bring down the inflammation after tweaking and threading.Rub the ice cubes on your skin for about a minute to numb the area and then do tweak or thread.


  1. Before you apply makeup on your face,rub some ice cubes over your face this makes your makeup long lasting.Even if you are in a hurry and do not have time for make up,just rub one or two ice cubes on your face and you are good to go.It gives you a fresh look without makeup.
  2. Rubbing ice cubes on your face daily improves blood circulation which gives your skin a healthy glow.It is also believed that ice cubes reduce wrinkles and premature aging too.
  3. If you have large sized pores then ice cubes reduces large pores.Besides this it also minimizes the production of excess oil.Wrap two ice cubes in a clean and soft cloth and rub gently on your face till it melts.
  4. In the hot summer sunburns are very common and most of the people suffer from this sunburn.For an instant relief tie some ice cubes in a cloth and rub on the effected area.
  5. Dark circles are the major problems in modern women life.With hours spending on laptop and because of late night parties we often have black  patches all over our eyelids,Instead of keeping normal cucumber slices on your eye lids  mix cucumber juice with the boiled rose water and freeze this mixture to keep on your under-eye circles. It will help in decreasing dark circles and also reduce puffiness. Don’t forget to cool down the rose water before putting it in freezer.


  • When using ice cubes don’t use more than two because excessive use may lead to skin problems that can worsen your situation.
  • Using ice cubes directly on your face can break the delete capillary under your skin.So it is advisable to use ice cubes wrapped in a clean cloth.

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