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Upendra 2 film Decoded (Not 100% but to a extent I tried)


Key quotations


  • Where there is a will, There is a way.
  • Don’t think.
  • Live in present.
  • Why only Lakshmi (money) gives Khushi (happiness).
  • Why can’t happiness gives money.



>>Now decoding

Characters and there representation:

Past – Nenu – Old Upendra

Future – Athanu – Undercover Officer Uppi

Present – Nuvvu – Simple Uppi with family


As we know Nenu is old Uppi who can do everything to get what he wants. He is past thats why that villan always thinks about Nenu and he lives in past. (remember scene where he is on hospital bed and telling how Nenu beat him)

Next is athanu this is future uppi who is undercover officer and police officer, saleem (dubai don) always think uppi as athanu and they live in future.

Last one is Nuvvu. The one who doesnt think, He lives in present. Mandakini thinks about uppi as Nuvvu.

But Lakshmi is confused she dont know who is real and who is present.


For everyone Lakshmi and khushi both are different but for Nuvvu khushi it self Lakshmi

Every one had the lakshmi but they wanted to grab khushi with the help of Lakshmi.

Where as uppi had the khushi with her so lakshmi came to her i.e., will.


Film had another face also which is,

Both past and future want to find the khushi by using weapons of regret (repent) and hopes.


To elaborate

Director showed that we cant find the happiness just by using past or future.

the scenes where the character thinking about past (old villan) fight with old uppi (Nenu)

And the characters thinks about future fight with undercover officer (athanu). That is saleem (Dubai don) and cid officer and polices fight with athanu respectively.


Why they fight???

To get the khushi.

Why khushi ???

Because it will lead them to will ( million dollar money i.e., will)


Actually those fights didnt happened in real they are just dream and future events according to past and future characters.


Now about that WILL

According to that will written by mandakini one who marry with her daughter khushi, all the money goes to them.

She given a hint

Not to think.


Every character in the film thinks,thats why they didnt find the khushi.

Where as Nuvvu follows the will and thats why he finds a way.

So Lakshmi came to him only because he had that khushi.


To explain this let us consider one scene,

Nuvvu’s sister complains about a guy who is torturing her so Nuvvu tell her sister just dont think of him and she does,

Then next day some one killed that guy

Who killed???

Answer: Mandakini’s rowdies

Because he is following her will so he find his way.

Which is showed in the film as help from mandakini.


Mandakini is the lady behind Nuvvu.

When police arrest Nuvvu then they got a call they got the higher orders not to arrest Nuvvu.

Actually mandakini is that high reference who is saving Nuvvu only because he is following her will.


The only thing real is Nuvvu who lives in present and talks to Lakshmi in climax scene.



In climax Nuvvu explains the Lakshmi about Nenu and athanu are just in her mind as they are not real.

If you judge me by my past you will see Nenu.

If you judge me by future you will see athanu.

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