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Macabre Places In Hyderabad

Written by Anvesh Kumar

1. Ravindranagar


Back in 2012, residents of Ravindra nagar colony in Hyderabad were severely stirred up by rumours of hauntings. The residents, carried away by superstition, made offerings at Sri Kanaka Durga temple to appease the deity. They also performed rituals at the local graveyard. Some people, to protect themselves from the evil forces, wrote religious slogans on the main doors of the houses and tied religious flags.  These strict measures were taken after a few people committed suicide here, allegedly disturbed by the presence of the ghost.

1. Sarika, a housewife says: “for the past few weeks, none of the local residents is sleeping at night. We stay in groups fearing that the ‘evil force’ could attack them.” Locals belief that the supernatural occurrences are a form of divine wrath that started after a temple was destroyed here.

 2. Erramanzil’s Headless Ghost

Welcome to Hyderabad’s very own Sleepy Hollow – Erramazil – where a house is haunted by the spirit of a headless ghost.which, if 83 year old Rukhaiyya Bi, is to be believed, was built by a young man who was killed on his wedding night and he was so attached to the house that his ghost hasn’t left it.

The story goes that: This man had borrowed money from some people and built his dream house. Since he couldn’t repay the debt in time, they beheaded him, cremated the head and buried the body. Since then – which is about 50 years ago – a headless apparition roams in this house. “Although it doesn’t bother anybody, it doesn’t let anyone go past the front door, but his attachment for his house brought him back there in the afterlife and he continues to haunt the house till date.

3. Golkonda Fort

KuldharaSteeped in history, the Golkonda Fort was also a site for endless sufferings and misery, all of which have left their mark on the supernatural aura of this place.

The spirits of the thieves haunt the fort, but the most notable spirit haunting its ruined walls is that of Taramati Baradari who usually is spotted dancing in her former stage, the royal courtroom. Some visitors were caught off guard by the owner-less shadows gliding here and there. There are reports of old pictures being turned upside down and objects hurled against the walls. The most susceptible spectators of such paranormal activities are those who stay back, past the deadline (6 pm). Many film crews who happened to be present there at late hours heard disturbing noises and witnessed most terrifying supernatural activities.


4.Shamshabad Airport


When the new airport in Hyderabad was started despite several controversies and protests, it seemed like just another airport. However what most people don’t know is that there have been several spooky and unexplained occurrences happening there ever since. The general consensus is that the place is haunted by spirits of those who were killed during the disputes preceding the construction of this airport.

1. Siasat Newspaper, A Urdu media, reported that the pilot of Quatar airways suddenly stopped his plane and stranded it in the runway because he could see a woman in saree dancing around. The authorities searched high and low for someone but the runway was clear.2.Video cameras have caught a man sitting with his head turned all 360 degrees and there is a creepy woman in white saree dancing on the runway! Don’t laugh.


5. Dedh Lakh Ghar

Dhed lakh Ghar is a haunted house located in Hyderabad, there are many rumors spreading about this house and they say that this house has a history of 40 years.
Story: A person named Laxman is the owner of the house and built this house by spending 1 and half lakh  a 40 years ago. This was very huge amount at that time and this is the richest building in that area. So everyone named it as “Dhed lakh Ghar” , this is how that name originated to the building. The Owner was very happy about the building, he had 2 daughters and 3 sons. Everything was alright until they entered into the house. At the day of Gruhapravesham his wife was dead due to heart attack before entering into the house and with this the owner left the house due to depression and later made this house for lease.

Incident: This time a student takes this house for lease knowing about the incidents happened and after few days he too commits suicide by hanging himself. The people around the house says the behaviour of the student after entering into the house was very weird and strange. May be something happened to him or some problem that made himself hanged to death. This cannot Judge that some super natural thing is going around the house. After that incident, people stopped taking it for lease and people around the area would fear to pass by the house after 9:30 PM! Some other rumors say, they hear some noises of women crying loudly and also see a women appear wearing a white saree at the balcony & terrace. These are the rumors which got spread and made the beautiful house a haunted house. Now no one is ready to buy or demolish the house!

 6. Khairatabad Science College


This abandoned science college is now a desolate, On the main road just off the Khairtabad flyover, the old dilapidated Tarapuri building that was once a science college, goes unnoticed. But people staying around the place say anybody who enters it, “doesn’t come back alive”. “When the college was closed down years ago, the dead bodies used in the Biology labs were not discarded,” When the property was taken over by the government, a guard was stationed for night duty, since a guard who was stationed at the gates was murdered mysteriously.

We prefer believing that he died out of fear

 7. Graveyard on Road 12, Banjara Hills


Other than housing Hyderabad’s rich and famous, Banjara Hills is also known for the graveyard on road 12, which is one of the spookiest places to be in the city. The streetlights on this road have a tendency to inexplicably switch off by themselves at night, while the area experiences a marked drop in temperatures. People driving by the graveyard at night have often punctured their cars on several occasions.

 8. Ramoji Film City


Ramoji Film City in Hyderabad is a crowd puller for two reasons. Other than holding attractions for the movie buffs of the country, it is also said to be built on a war zone. Because of such gory origins, the Ramoji Film City is one of the most haunted places in Hyderabad, with instances of violent attacks by invisible forces happening to the visitors, especially the women, on a regular basis.

 9. Kundanabagh Witches’ Lair

Perhaps Hyderabad most famous and till date unexplained supernatural occurrence is the one at Kundanabagh. The story is that one day a thief broke into a nice two-storey house in Kundanabagh and discovered the dead bodies of the three women who used to live there. Even though they were proclaimed to be dead for 3 months, the neighbours claim to have seen the mother and her two daughters walking around just few days before they were discovered dead. It is said that the trio were into some extremely unusual activities like lighting candles at midnight and walking around the house, scaring away people with an axe, and hanging bottles filled with blood on the verandah.
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