Kick-2 Honest Review

Srikanth Yadav
Written by Srikanth Yadav


Cast and crew:
Casting:Ravi teja,Rakul preet singh
Story:Vakkantham Vamsi
Director:Surender Reddy
Cinematography:Manoj Parama hamsa
Music:Thaman SS
Producer:Kalyan ram

Robin hood(raviteja) who gives more importance to his comfort.As he is a doctor in the movie he likes to establish a superspeciality hospital but he is lack in money,so he decides to sell his grandfather property.There he come to know through his father devil(kick) that the land was occupied by some rowdy and then he comes to india to settle that land dispute.


Meanwhile rakul is a girl from a remote village vikaspur which was under main villain suleman singh(ravi kishan).They are always suffered in the hands of suleman and also sentenced death if some one turns against him.So vikaspur villagers decide to send some people in order to have robinhood attention and get him to their village as he is a correct guy to face suleman
How rakul and Ravi teja meets,Do he accepts for helping them (as he never helps other and always says ‘problems must be solved by themselves’).Do he kill suleman,Do he finds comfort by solving others problem was the remaining story..

Actors Perfomance:
Raviteja:As we already known with energy levels and comedy  timing of Ravi teja.He did his job in a perfect way.He performed well in comedy tracks as well as emotional track in a balanced way.

Rakul:Performed well as village girl  and modern girl and added more glamour. Chemistry between ravi and rakul worked out well

Brahmanandam comedy is also a major asset for the film.


Technical aspects:
Surender reddy directed well and took the emotional story in a commercial way
Manoj’s cinematography is just brilliant
Thaman gave awesome tracks and background score in the same way

*Ravi teja’s stunning performance
*Rakul’s glamour and chemistry with Ravi teja
*Brahmanandam comedy and ravi kishan,bolywood actors sudhir misra and rajpal yadavs performances
*Perfect screenplay with thumping background score
*Familiar story line
*Draggy screenplay
*As titled kick2,anyone goes in getting back that previous kick, which drags down the whole cinema
*Inorder to maintain the balance between both emotion and comedy.some of the emotional scenes are wasted.


If u want to get back that kick u will be get disappointed.
Removing the thought of kick will make u to feel more comfort.
Final Word:
One time watchable movie

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